Kick Off Your Summer With a Great Tan

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A sun-kissed glow can make you look and feel radiant at any time of year. Get your golden tan on at Jamaican Me Tan. We offer traditional UV tanning and spray tanning options so you can get the summertime look you prefer. We can walk you through our tanning packages and point you toward the best tanning option for your skin type.

Be summertime ready

You don't have to bake in the sun all day to get naturally glowing skin. Jamaican Me Tan offers a variety of indoor tanning options, including:

  • UV tanning beds - Try our luxury UV tanning beds for a natural golden, tan
  • Stand-up UV stalls - Get tan all-over in a 360-degree, stand-up tanning stall
  • Airbrush spray tanning - We offer custom spray tanning for a personalized glow
  • Indoor tanning lotions - Choose from specialty tanning lotions to boost your color

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Stay Golden With Year-Round Spray Tanning

Keep your glow without the harmful rays

Gorgeous. Glamorous. Golden.

Whether you want just a little bit of color or that fresh-off-the-beach golden glow, you can achieve your perfect skin-kissed look at Jamaican Me Tan. We have a variety of tanning packings, from one-time visits to unlimited monthly packages.

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